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Ralph Walton and Mary Thompson

Harker Hill Farm
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Ralph Walton (b. 1836), youngest son of John Walton and Betty Oliver, married Mary Bielby in the 4th quarter of 1862, in Malton registration district. The name Ralph Walton is distinctive enough that I'm sure this is the right marriage. Born Mary Thompson and bap. 29 Mar 1832 in Settrington, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Thompson, Mary was, therefore, presumably a widow when she married Ralph, but I've found no marriage of a Thompson and a Bielby. 

Ralph and Mary Walton had eight children:
  1. Elizabeth Walton b. 1864 in Ryton, North Yorkshire
  2. Robert Walton b. 1865 S Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 368
  3. Annie Walton b. 1867 M Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 362
  4. Beatrice Mary Walton b. 1869 M Quarter in HELMSLEY Vol 09D 394
  5. Maud Walton b. 1871 M Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 401
  6. Edith Walton b. 1872 D Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 400
  7. Hannah Mabel Walton b. 1876 M Quarter in STOKESLEY Vol 09D 654
  8. John Walton b. 1877 D Quarter in STOKESLEY Volume 09D Page 646
On all of the GRO birth registrations, the mother's maiden name is THOMPSON.

In 1871, Ralph Walton (35) Farmer of 200 acres employing 1 man and 3 boys was residing at Maidensworth [Farm], Grimston, Helmsley, Yorkshire (more pictures) with Mary Walton (38), Elizabeth Walton (7), Robert Walton (5), Annie Walton (4), Beatrice M Walton (2), Maude Walton (0), Hannah Walton (13) Niece and Francis Walton (16) Nephew - brother, William Walton's children - and three servants: Alexander Ward (20), James Stockdale (13) and Sarah J Johnson (21).

In 1881, Ralph Walton (44) Farmer of 118 acres had moved to Harker Hill [Farm], Seamer, Stokesley, Yorkshire, with Mary Walton (47), Elizabeth Walton (17), Robert Walton (15), Annie Walton (14), Beatrice M Walton (12), Maud Walton (10), Edith Walton (8), Hannah M Walton (5), John W Walton (3) and William Patterson (15) Farm servant indoors.

In 1891, Ralph Walton (55) Farmer was living at Oakland Terrace, Seamer, Stokesley, Yorkshire with Mary Walton (57), Robert Walton (25), Annie Walton (24), Beatrice M Walton (22), Maud Walton (20), Edith Walton (18), John Walton (13), Annie Brownless (17) Visitor; Frederick White (15) Farm Servant.

In 1901, back at Harker Hill [Farm], Seamer, were Ralph Walton (65) Farmer, Mary Walton (68), Robert Walton (35), Edith Walton (28) and John Walton (23).

Ralph Walton died, aged 69, in 1905 M Quarter in STOKESLEY and was buried, on 13 Feb 1905, at St. Martin's Church, Seamer in Cleveland.

In 1911, Mary Walton (78) Farmer was still at Harker Hill Farm, Seamer with Robert Walton (45) Single, Farmer's son working on farm; Beatrice Mary Walton (42), Edith Walton (38), both girls also unmarried; John Walton (33) Single, Farmer's son working on farm; Ralph William Barker (10) Grandson (son of Alfred Barker and Maud Walton) and William Gilbey (14) Farm labourer.

Mary Walton died, aged 90, in Stokesley, in 1922.

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William Thorpe and Mary Ann Walton

St Andrew's Church, Middleton
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William Thorpe, Farmer of Beckhouse, son of William Maw Thorpe and Jane Brewster, married Mary Ann Walton, only daughter of John Walton and Betty Oliver, at St Andrew’s ChurchMiddleton, Ryedale on 19 Apr 1860. Witnesses at the wedding were Ralph Walton, bride's brother and Matthew Beal Clerk.

William Thorpe's parents had also married at Middleton - it has Viking Crosses - on 13 Sep 1823. One of at least nine children, William was baptised on 26 Aug 1832 at St Gregory's ChurchCropton. In 1841, William's parents and eight of their children were living with George Thorpe (65) - William's grandfather, presumably - at Cropton Beckhouse, Middleton, Pickering, while the nine year old William was employed as a M.S. (male servant) in the household of William Brewster (40) at Thornton Riseborough, Normanby, Pickering. Brewster being his mother's maiden name, it wasn't difficult to realise that this was his uncle.

Still working for his Uncle William Brewster (55), Farmer of 500 acres employing 5 men in 1851, William Thorpe (19) Farmer, was back at Beck House, Pickering, Yorkshire (while his parents were at Cropton Mill.)

Beckhouse is Beck House Farm, Cropton, Pickering, North Yorkshire and it's interesting that William Thorpe's family farmed here and he later takes it over, as also, in 1851, Thomas Hobbs had been Farmer of 108 acres (employing 1 man) at Beck House [Farm], Cropton. As son of Thomas Hobbs and Hannah Oliver, Thomas Hobbs was Mary Ann Walton's first cousin. There has to be a story behind why the cousin took over part of it and then shortly left.

William and Mary Ann Thorpe had nine children:
  1. John Walton Thorpe b. 3 Dec 1860 D Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 357, bap. 5 Jan 1861 at St. Laurence's ChurchKirby Misperton.
  2. William Brewster Thorpe b. 1863 M Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 368, bap. 15 Mar 1863 at St Andrew's Church, Normanby.
  3. Elizabeth Thorpe b. 1865 S Quarter in HELMSLEY Volume 09D Page 372, bap. 27 Aug 1865 at St Andrew's Church, Normanby.
  4. George Thorpe b. 1867 J Quarter in PICKERING Volume 09D Page 385, bap. 30 Jun 1867 at St Gregory's ChurchCropton.
  5. Thomas Oliver Thorpe b. 1869 D Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 379
  6. Annie Thorpe b. 1871 S Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 401
  7. Hannah Jane Thorpe b. 1873 S Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 401
  8. Robert Thorpe b. 1875 D Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 421
  9. Frances Mary Thorpe b. 1878 S Quarter in PICKERING Vol 09D Page 455
On the baptisms of William and Elizabeth, the family's residence is listed as Low Bottoms [Farm]. By the time of George's baptism in 1867, they were back at Beckhouse. After that, I found no further records of baptisms.

In 1861, William Thorpe (27) Son-in-law, Ann [Mary Ann] (26) Daughter and John Walton Thorpe (0) were listed in the household of Mary Ann's father, John Walton (57) Farmer of 150 acres at Little Barugh Street, Barughs Ambo, Pickering. But, William Thorpe (28) Farmer of 200 acres employing 3 labourers from Cropton, Yorkshire is also listed as the head of the household at Low Bottoms, Thornton Risebrough, Helmsley, Yorkshire, with those 3 Servants: Mark Gains (20) Foreman; George Moody (18) Plough Boy and Mary Coates (25) Dairy Maid. It's certain William Thorpe has been enumerated twice, as head of his own household and as Mary Ann returned to her parents home for the birth of the first child.

In 1871, they are again back at Beck House, Cropton, Pickering, Yorkshire with the household comprising: William Thorpe (38) Farmer, Mary Ann Thorpe (36), John Thorpe (10), William Brewster Thorpe (8), Elizabeth Thorpe (6), George Thorpe (4), Thomas Oliver Thorpe (2) and six Servants: William Lyth (30), William Frier (20), Robert Sollid (16), William Sollid (13), Ann Foster (17) and Hannah Barker (13).

In 1881, at Farm House, East and West Lutton, Driffield, Yorkshire, the household of 20 people included: William Thorpe (48) Farmer of 400 acres (1 labourer 4 servants); Mary Ann Thorpe (46), John William Thorpe [John Walton Thorpe] (20), William Brown Thorpe [William Brewster Thorpe] (18), Elizabeth Thorpe (16), George Thorpe (14), Oliver T Thorpe [Thomas Oliver Thorpe] (12), Ann Thorpe (9), Jennie Thorpe [Hannah Jane Thorpe] (7), Robert Thorpe (5), Francis [Frances Mary] (2) - even managed to change the sex on this last child, who was a daughter, not a son; John Walton (76) Widower, Father-in-law; two domestic servants, Jane Fletcher (20) and Emma Midgeley (14) - both erroneously listed as daughters; four Farm servant in door (love that term, one imagines them ploughing fields inside the house, although, of course, it usually means the single lads who live in the farm, rather than in outside cottages, generally reserved for married employees) William Colley (24), William Paul (17), Robert Coulson (15) and George Triffill (19). Also in the household as Visitors were William Davidson (31) Farmer and Andrew J Davidson (26) Cattle Dealer. (Only Uncle Tom Cobley was missing!)

And then nothing. Every search turns up no further records of the family. They could have moved to a completely new area and be listed as something other than Thorpe. Sons John Walton Thorpe and William Brewster Thorpe have names that are uncommon enough and I can trace them forward, married and with their own families, but the parents and younger children remain, for now, elusive.

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William Walton, Sarah Brown and Ursula Wood

Kirby Misperton, St Lawrence's church
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William Walton, third son and middle child of John Walton and Betty Oliver, married Sarah Brown, daughter of Francis Brown and Elizabeth Nellis, at St. Laurence's ChurchKirby Misperton on 1 Jul 1854. William Walton, 23, Farmer was, at that time resident in Little Barugh, while Sarah was resident in Great Barugh (Barugh (Great and Little)). Witnesses were James Walton - a cousin, probably - and Mary Ann Walton, who will have been William's sister.

William and Sarah had two children:
  1. Francis Walton b. 1855 M Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D Page 347, bap. 14 Jan 1855 at St. Laurence's Church, Kirby Misperton.
  2. Hannah Walton b. 1857 S Quarter in PICKERING UNION Vol 09D Page 355
In 1861, William Walton (30) was a Farmer of 137 acres employing a labourer at Dale Town, Helmsley, Yorkshire with wife, Sarah Walton (31), Francis Walton (6), Hannah Walton (3) and Mary Smith (18) General Servant.

But then Sarah Walton died, aged 38, in 1869 D Quarter in Stockton.

In 1871, William Walton (39) Widower, was a Lodger in the household of Ursula Wood (30) Widow, at 39 Johnson Street, Middlesbrough. Francis Walton (16) and Hannah Walton (13) were both staying with their Uncle Ralph Walton - their father's younger brother - at Maidensworth, Grimston, Helmsley, Yorkshire. 

Then in the 4th quarter of 1871, William Walton married Ursula Wood.

Born Ursula Lee, daughter of Isaac Lee and Elizabeth Sedgwick, she was baptised on 28 Mar 1841 in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire. On 23 Nov 1858, Ursula Lee had married Robert Foster in Scarborough, Yorkshire. We will assume she was shortly widowed, because then in 1866, Ursula Foster had married Thomas Wood in Stockton, Durham, although she had given birth to a son, Alfred Wood Foster (mother's maiden name Lee) in 1862 M Quarter in STOCKTON Volume 10A Page 50. There was a death of a Thomas Wood, aged 30, in Stockton, in 1870.

In 1881, William Walton (49) Store keeper in ships brokers warehouse from Appleton-le-Street, Yorkshire, was living at 30, Vaughan Street, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire with his second wife Ursula Walton (40), Alfred W Foster (19) Stepson, Cabinet Maker and Walter Scott (30) Clothiers assistant tailor from Exeter, Devon, Boarder. Son Francis Walton had married in 1877, while Hannah Walton (23) from Barugh, Yorkshire, was employed as a Housekeeper to William McKinnell (52) Wine & Spirit Merchant at 5, Albert Terrace, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.

William Walton died, aged 56, in 1888 J Quarter in MIDDLESBROUGH Volume 09D Page 363 and was buried on 4 Jun 1888 at Linthorpe Cemetery.

In 1891, Ursula Walton (50) Widow was living at 7 Fallows Street, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, with two Lodgers: Arthur E Soppett (18) Grocers apprentice and Josiah Lancaster (41) Police sergeant.

In 1901, still at 7 Fallows Street, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, Ursula Walton (60) Widow from Osmotherley, Yorkshire, at that time had just one Boarder staying in the household, Robert Burdock (49) Married, Auctioneer from Oxfordshire.

Ursula Walton died, aged 60, in 1901 D Quarter in MIDDLESBROUGH Volume 09D Page 368 and was buried on 17 Nov 1901 also in Linthorpe Cemetery.

George Walton and Mary Hardcastle

Church of St Mary, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
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George Walton, the eldest son of John Walton and Betty Oliver, married Mary Hardcastle, daughter of Joseph Hardcastle and Sarah Hudson, on 11 Aug 1845 at St Mary's Church, Scarborough and one imagines they chose to marry away from home because of the imminent arrival of their first child. Witnesses to the marriage were William Whipps and Jane Potter, who do not seem to be relatives. On the certificate, Mary's father is listed as a Farmer. When she was living at home, aged 15, in 1841, Joseph Hardcastle was a Publican in Town Street, Old Malton - The Royal Oak and The Wentworth Arms still exist on that street and it could have been one of these he held. The family later moved to farm in Kirby Misperton

On all subsequent census returns, Mary's birthplace was listed as Kirby Misperton, but she was baptised on 14 Mar 1824, and presumably born, in Old Malton.

George and Mary Walton had ten children:
  1. Joseph Bryan Walton b. 1845 D Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 24 Page 455, bap. 4 Jan 1846 at St. Laurence's ChurchKirby Misperton
  2. John Walton b. 1848 M Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 24 Page 445, bap. 5 Mar 1848 at St. Laurence's ChurchKirby Misperton. Died on 28 Oct 1849 in Kirby Misperton, which is presumably where the infant was buried.
  3. Hannah Hardcastle Walton b. 1849 D Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 24 Page 497, bap. 23 Dec 1849 in Kirby Misperton.
  4. Elizabeth Walton b. 1851 S Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 24 Page 571, bap. 24 Aug 1851 in Kirby Misperton.
  5. Charles John Walton b. 1853 J Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D Page 357, bap. 22 May 1853 in Kirby Misperton.
  6. Sarah Walton b. 1856 M Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D Page 357, bap. 30 Mar 1856 in Kirby Misperton. Died, aged 1, in 1857 S Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D  Page 277
  7. Ann Walton b. 1857 D Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D Page 355, bap. Annie Walton on 14 Nov 1857 in Kirby Misperton.
  8. Unnamed female Walton b. 1860 J Quarter in PICKERING UNION Volume 09D Page 372.
  9. Hudson Walton b. 1863 D Quarter in PICKERING Volume 09D Page 383
  10. Mary Helen Walton b. 3 Aug 1866 S Quarter in STOCKTON Volume 10A Page 58, bap. Mary Ellen Walton on 18 Oct 1866 at St Johns Church, Middlesbrough.
The mother's maiden name on all the GRO birth registrations is HARDCASTLE.

In 1851, at Rectory House, Pickering, Yorkshire, were George Walton (25) Blacksmith with Mary Walton (27), James Ward (19) Apprentice Blacksmith; Ann Mercer (12) General Servant; Joseph Walton (5) and Hannah Walton (1).

In 1861, living on the Malton Road, Pickering, Yorkshire, were George Walton (34) Blacksmith, Mary Walton (36), Hannah Walton (11), Elizabeth Walton (9), Charles Walton (7), Ann Walton (3) and Panby Wildon (5) Boarder. Joseph Bryan Walton (15) was a House Servant in the large household of Charles Long (58) Widower at The Rectory, Village, Settrington, Malton.

In 1871, the family were living at 68 Vaughan Street, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Yorkshire with George Walton (42) Millwright, Mary Walton (46), Charles Walton (17) Millwright; Elizabeth Walton (19), Annie Walton (13), Hudson Walton (6), Helen Walton (4), Samuel H Tarpin (33) Lodger and Christopher Slater (40) Lodger. Hannah Hardcastle Walton may have married.

In 1881, still at 68, High Vaughan Street, Middlesbrough, were George Walton (54) Millwright, Mary Walton (56), Hudson Walton (17), Mary E Walton (14), George H Walton (13) Grandson and James Hood (18) Boarder.

There are two deaths of a George Walton which could relate: George Walton aged 62, who was buried on 29 May 1888 at New Linthorpe Cemetery and George Walton aged 61, buried on 29 May 1890, also at New Linthorpe Cemetery. Given it was the same date, different years, I'd have wondered if this was the same record, but there are GRO death registrations for both years also.

As yet, I haven't been able to find the record of Mary's death, but she may have gone to live with one of the children and could be in a different location.

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William Mitchinson Hewitt and Eve Swift

Holy Trinity Church (Hull Minster), Trinity Square, Kingston upon Hull
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William Mitchinson Hewitt married Eve Swift (23), youngest daughter of William Swift and Mary Ann Lister, at Holy Trinity Church, Hull on 22 Apr 1859. On the record of the marriage, William, a Moulder, who gave his age as 24, listed his father as the late William Mitchinson Hewitt, Mariner. Eve Swift's father is correctly listed as the late William Swift, Engineer. Both William and Eve gave their address as Sewer Lane, Hull. Witnesses were a Thomas Leighton and Mary Eyre. 

There is no birth registration, nor baptism, for a William Mitchinson Hewitt anywhere, at any time in history, ever, let alone around the correct date and in Stockton on Tees, so I've been unable to identify his parents or origin. 

William and Eve, nevertheless, had four children:
  1. James William Hewitt b. 1861 M Quarter in SCULCOATES Vol 09D Page 152
  2. Minnie Hewitt b. 5 Jul 1869 S Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 160, bap. 31 Oct 1869 at All Saints Church, Hull
  3. Amy Hewitt b. 27 Sep 1871 D Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 167, bap. 25 Jan 1883 at Christ Church, Hull. Died, aged 21, in 1892 D Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 156.
  4. Hetty Hewitt b. 1876 J Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 189
In 1861 William M Hewitt (24) Iron Moulder from Stockton on Tees, Durham, was living at 1, Canton Place, Sculcoates, Yorkshire with wife Eve Hewitt (25), James W Hewitt is listed as 16, but given the dates of the child's registration and that of the census this must only be 16 DAYS. The original schedule does say he's a Scholar. Either he was a very advanced, genius child, or this was an erroneous assumption on the part of the enumerator. Living with them also was a Thomas Douglas (24) Iron Moulder from Newcastle, listed as William's Brother (step maybe?)

In 1871, William M Hewitt (33) Iron Founder from Durham, Stockton on Tees, was living in Reform Street, Sculcoates with wife Eva Hewitt (35); son James W Hewitt (10) and daughter Minnie Hewitt (1).

In 1881, at 35, Reform Street, Sculcoates, were William M Hewitt (43) Iron Founder from Stockton on Tees, Durham, Eve Hewitt (45), James W Hewitt (20) Plumber & Gas Fitter; Minnie Hewitt (11), Amy Hewitt (9) and Hetty Hewitt (5).

In 1891 and still in Reform Street, Sculcoates, were William M Hewitt (53) Iron Founder from Durham, Stockton with wife Eve Hewitt (54), Amy Hewitt (19) School Teacher and Hetty Hewitt (15) MIlliner's Apprentice.

In 1901, William M Hewitt (63) Iron Founder from Durham was living at 6, Chestnut Avenue, Wellsted Street, Hull with Eve Hewitt (65), daughter Minnie Strawson (31) Board School Teacher; Amy Strawson (4) Granddaughter and Gertrude Hewitt (15) listed as Daughter. Gertrude was the daughter of James William Hewitt. As both her parents had died, in 1893 and 1896, respectively, clearly her grandparents had taken her in as a daughter.

William Mitchinson Hewitt died, aged 66, in 1903 D Quarter in HULL. 

In 1911, Eve Hewitt (75) Widow, was living with her daughter, Minnie Strawson, still at 6, Chestnut Avenue, Wellsted Street, Hull.

Eve Hewitt died, aged 79, in 1915  J Quarter in HULL  Volume 09D  Page 353.

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William Swift, Mary Fogg (Baker or Thursby) and Maria Taylor

Sewer Lane, Kingston upon Hull
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William Swift (b. 1824 in Leeds), son of William Swift and Mary Ann Lister married Mary Fogg, on 20 Nov 1847, at St. Paul's Church, Hull. This church was newly consecrated that year, built to serve a district of Sculcoates parish in 1844. On the record of their marriage, William Swift, Engineer, and the widowed Mary Fogg, were both listed as resident at the Old Foundry [1]. Witnesses to the marriage were William's younger brother, Zachariah Swift and Charlotte Baker. [2]

Apparently born Mary Baker, it seems she was baptised on 10 Mar 1823 at All Saints ChurchGainsborough, Lincolnshire, the daughter of John and Anne Baker. Mary was 17 when she married the 45 year old, John Fogg as Mary Thursby, on 1 Jan 1841, in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. How Mary Baker became Mary Thursby I cannot yet explain, but this sequence does show that this is the same person. 

In 1841, John Fog (sic) (45) Pensioner and Mary Fog (15) - due to rounding down - were lodging in a large household in Lincoln Street, Tuxford

At this date, Pensioner, can only mean military and I've found a John Fogg, born 1796 in Weston, Nottinghamshire (only 3 miles from Tuxford), who joined the 19th Foot (Yorkshire Regiment / Green Howards), at 17, on 2 Apr 1813, at Hull. He was discharged from the 41st Regt Of Foot and granted a pension due to disability with varicose veins, chronic rheumatic pains and shortness of breath on exertion, which were attributed to climate and the performance of his military duties. He appears to have been in the East Indies from 1815 to 1836. On discharge in 1840, at 44, he was 5' 4½", with brown hair, grey eyes and a fair complexion. 

John and Mary Fogg had one child:
  1. Joseph Fogg b. 1844 D Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 22 Page 523, Mother's maiden name listed as BAKER, bap. 8 Dec 1844 at St. Mark's Church, Hull. Died, aged 15, in 1860 M Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 148 and was buried on 8 Feb 1860 in Holy Trinity Parish.
John Fogg died, at 52, and was buried on 14 Feb 1847 in the parish of Hull Holy Trinity. On the burial record, his abode was given as 'Foundry' [Old Foundry].

William and Mary Swift then added eight children:
  1. Zachariah Swift bap. 10 Dec 1848 at St. Paul's, Sculcoates
  2. Denzil Swift bap. 22 Sep 1850 at St. James's Church, Hull
  3. Georgiana Swift bap. 30 Jan 1853 at St. James's Church, Hull
  4. Herbert Swift b. 1855 M Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 198, mother's maiden name listed as FOGG, bap. 26 Mar 1855 at Holy Trinity Hull
  5. Estelle Swift b. 1857 S Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 210, mother's maiden name listed as HUNSBY, bap. 14 Sep 1857 at Holy Trinity Hull
  6. Josephine Swift b. 1860 S Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 188, mother's maiden name listed as THURSBY, bap. 30 Jul 1860 at Holy Trinity Hull
  7. Verona Swift b. 1860 S Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 188, mother's maiden name listed as THURSBY, bap. 30 Jul 1860 at Holy Trinity Hull
  8. Victor Swift b. 1864 M Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 233, mother's maiden name listed as THIRSBY, bap. 25 Apr 1864 at Holy Trinity Hull
Despite all being born after 1837, I was unable to find civil registrations for Zachariah, Denzil or Georgiana. On Herbert's registration, they clearly confused former name and maiden name, but it's useful that Fogg is mentioned; I'm sure Hunsby is an error and meant to be Thursby and that the last is merely a spelling, or transcription error. The sequence of these does show that, however her name came to change, it was the same person. Josephine and Verona, clearly, were twins.

At the time of Zachariah's baptism in 1848, William and Mary were living the exotic, Sewer Lane, Hull (which, to be fair, looks a lot nicer than it sounds).

In 1851, William Swift (27) Engineer, from Leeds, Yorkshire, was living at Mill Yard, Anlaby Road, Holy Trinity, Hull with wife Mary Swift (28) from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and Joseph Swift (6) [Joseph Fogg]; Zachariah Swift (2) and Denxill Swift (0). (Convent Lane, originally Mill Lane, and later Oil Mill Lane, was named as such because it led to Mill Yard and a large windmill situated on its west side.)

In 1861, William Swift (37) Engineer from Leeds, was living, undoubtedly in the same place at Oilmill Yard, 8, Anlaby Road, Holy Trinity, Hull with Mary Swift (36), Zachariah Swift (12), Denzil Swift (10), Georgiana Swift (8) - those three at school - Herbert Swift (6), Estelle Swift (3), Josephine Swift and Verona Swift both (0).

In 1871, at 7 Mill Yard, South Parade, Holy Trinity, Hull, were William Swift (47) Oil Mill Engine Driver, from Leeds; Mary Swift (47) from Gainsborough, Lincs; Zachariah Swift (22) Oil Miller; Denzil Swift (20) Oil Miller; Georgiana Swift (18) Dressmaker; Herbert Swift (16) Penitentiary Porter (Hull Prison opened in 1870); Estelle Swift (13), Josephine Swift (11), Verona Swift (11) and Victor Swift (7).

An Oil Miller is someone who extracted oil from seeds, particularly linseed and rapeseed grown in England. There has been a long history of oil milling in Hull, one of two industries that dominated the town's industrial history. See links here.

Mary Swift (formerly Fogg, née Baker and sometimes, as yet inexplicably, Thursby) died, age estimated as 47, in 1872 J Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 149. She was buried, on 22 May 1872, in Hull Holy Trinity parish.

In the 4th quarter of 1873, William Swift remarried Maria Taylor, eldest daughter of William Voss Taylor and Eliza Levitt. William, then 49 and Maria 40, did not have further children together, however, Maria brought with her an illegitimate daughter, Edith Maria Taylor, born 1864 S Quarter in HULL Volume 09D Page 232. Son Zachariah had married Maria's younger sister, Ann, the previous year, 1872.

In 1881, William Swift (57) Oil Mill Engine Driver was living at 6, Simons Terrace, Sutton and Stoneferry, Sculcoates with second wife Maria Swift (47), son Victor Swift (17) and Stepdaughter, Edith Taylor (16) Dressmaker (unemployed).

In 1891, still at Simons Terrace, Sutton and Stoneferry, Sculcoates, were William Swift (67) Engine Driver; Maria Swift (58) and Harry Taylor (8) Grandson - undoubtedly the 'natural' son of Maria's daughter, Edith.

Maria Swift died, aged 59, in 1895, in Hull.

William Swift died, at 73, in Hull in 1897.

[1] Rose, Downs and Thomson were much better known as world leaders in seed crushing machinery. The started out in business in 1777 at the Old Foundry and made cannons and windmill parts. As the Port of Hull the city became a centre for oil seed production and Rose, Downs and Thomson started making presses for the factories. In 1820 they had the first hydraulic press to extract oil from linseed. A Mrs C. Rose inherited the business in 1833 and took on a Mr Downs as Partner. Her grandson a Mr Thomson later joined the business and the name continued for over 100 years. Source (There are numerous images in the more recent, Allam family want to transform disused historic Hull factory into apartments.)

[2] There was a Charlotte Baker baptised also at All Saints Church, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, on 21 Aug 1824, the daughter of Isaac and Mary Baker, who this may be and, who it may speculated, could perhaps be Mary's cousin.

Thursday, 21 July 2022

John Sawyer and Charlotte Manning

Bury St Edmunds - Church of St Mary
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John Sawyer married Charlotte Manning at St Mary's ChurchBury St Edmunds, Suffolk by licence, on 15 Dec 1788. Charlotte Manning, was baptised on 29 May 1768 at the Church of St ClareBradfield St Clare, a village about six miles south of Bury St Edmunds, the daughter of Thomas Manning and Mary Girling.

Records I can identify include six children of this couple:
  1. Charlotte Sawyer bap. 16 Nov 1795. Infant, daughter of John and Charlotte Sawyer was buried, on 9 Mar 1796, at St Michael's Church, Beccles.
  2. George Sawyer b. 24 Feb 1797, bap. 3 Mar 1797 at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, however, a further record states that the infant son of John Sawyer & Charlotte Manning was buried in Great Yarmouth on 5 Jun 1797.
  3. William Arthur Sawyer b. 18 Nov 1798, bap. 20 Nov 1798
  4. George Sawyer b. 9 May 1801, bap. 11 May 1801
  5. Elizabeth Sawyer b. 6 Dec 1802, bap. 13 Dec 1802
  6. Frederick Sawyer b. 1 Nov 1805, bap. 11 Nov 1805
William Arthur, George, Elizabeth and Frederick were all also baptised at St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth Minster).

Charlotte Sawyer or Manning (as the record helpfully says) died, age given as 44, and was buried at St Nicholas (Great Yarmouth Minster), on 3 Jun 1808.

John Sawyer died, aged 55 and was buried, also at St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, on 25 Feb 1820. (This would place his birth date around 1765, however, without knowing where he was born, it isn't possible to isolate his baptism.)