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Isaac Wright and Ann Horner

High Street, Over
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Isaac Wright (bap. 24 Sep 1792) married Ann Horner (bap. 12 Jun 1796), daughter of John Horner and Elizabeth Charles, at the parish church of St MaryOver, Cambridgeshire, on 7 Oct 1816. They had one son, James Wright, in 1819.

In 1841, Isaac Wright (45), Ann Wright (40) and James Wright (20) were listed in High Street, Over, Cambridgeshire.

In 1851, Isaac Wright (59) Grocer and Ann Wright (56) were still in Over.

In 1861, Isaac Wright (68) Grocer and Ann Wright (64) had moved to Glover Street, Over.

In 1871, were Isaac Wright (78) Grocer And Gardener and Ann Wright (74).

Both Isaac Wright (82) and Ann Wright (79) died in 1875, both registered in St Ives registration district, Isaac having died on 20 Apr and Ann on 11 Aug. A note regarding the death of their daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Simmons, tells us that they are all buried together in the graveyard at St Mary's, Over, Cambridgeshire.

Over: Glover Street
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John Horner and Elizabeth Charles

St Mary, Over - East end
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John Horner and Elizabeth Charles married at the parish church of St Mary, a Grade I Listed Building in Over, Cambridgeshire, on 6 Jan 1789. 

John Horner was reputedly born in 1756 in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Horner, but I've not yet found any record to substantiate this. Similarly, Elizabeth Charles is reputedly the daughter of John Charles and Elizabeth Stanford (m. 22 Apr 1764), born in 1769, in Over, Cambridgeshire, which seems entirely reasonable, but I have not yet seen a record to confirm this.

There are records for two children:
  1. John Horner bap. 16 Nov 1794 at St Andrew's churchImpington
  2. Ann Horner bap. 12 Jun 1796 at St Andrew's church, Impington
On the original record of the baptism John is described as "John, Son of John and Elizabeth Horner, Labourer". On that for Ann, "Ann, Daughter of John and Elizabeth Horner, Soldier". At this time of the French Revolutionary Wars, it seems entirely probable that he may have joined the Cambridgeshire Militia.

There's a burial of a John Horner, on 10 Jan 1837, in Impington, which although lists the age at death as 70, may reasonably relate, and a burial of an Elizabeth Horner in Over, in 1839, with birth year of 1769, which seems likely, especially as daughter Ann was still in Over and it would be the logical place for her to go.

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John Horner and Mary Ann Clarkson

St Anne, Limehouse - Entrance
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John Horner (bap. 16 Nov 1794 in Impington, Cambridgeshire), son of John Horner and Elizabeth Charles, purportedly married Mary Ann Clarkson on 20 Oct 1816 in Tower Hamlets, but I've yet to see a record or listing that confirms this. 

Mary Ann Clarkson (b. 16 July 1783 in Spitalfields, bap. 18 Sep 1783 at St Michael Bassishaw), was the daughter of James Oram Clarkson and Elizabeth Layton.

Records do show that John and Mary Ann had five children: 

  1. Eliza Horner bap. 1817 in St George in the East, Stepney, Middlesex
  2. Elizabeth Horner b. 1819, bap. 1820 at St Anne, Limehouse
  3. Samuel Horner bap. 1822 at St Anne, Limehouse
  4. Sophia Esther Horner bap. 1824 at St Anne, Limehouse
  5. John James Horner bap. 1828 at St Anne, Limehouse

In 1841, John Horner (45) was living in Caroline Street, Stepney (which runs down to Shadwell, between Ratcliff and Limehouse). In the household were Samuel Horner (20), John Horner (12), Mary Horner (50), Eliza Dennis (24), Elizabeth Horner (21), Eliza Dennis (15)*, Matilda Dennis (3) and Sophia Horner (17). From this we can only conclude that Eliza Horner had married someone with the surname Dennis, however, I've been unable to find a record of the marriage. For the second Eliza Dennis* to be 15, she would have to have been the daughter of the missing husband by a previous partner of his, though probably more likely is that this is an error in the transcription: perhaps she could have been 5 years old.

In 1851, John Horner (56) Carman (drove a vehicle used to transport goods), birthplace in Over, Cambridgeshire, was living in White Horse Street, Stepney with wife Mary Ann Horner (66) from St Lukes, Middlesex; Sophia Esther Horner (26) born in Limehouse, Middlesex; Eliza Dennis (33) Dress Maker, born in St Georges East, Middlesex, listed as Married - no sign of her husband here nor previously in 1841 - and granddaughter, Matilda Dennis (13) born in Poplar, Middlesex.

"White Horse Street was the main street of the medieval village of Stepney, centred around St Dunstan’s Church. Until the nineteenth century, although there were buildings along White Horse Street itself, the surrounding area was mainly open fields." [Source]

On the marriage certificate for son John James Horner to Mary Ann Louisa Howard at the church of St Peter, on 23 Feb 1851, John James occupation is also listed as Carman, while John Horner's occupation is listed as Coal Merchant. Samuel Horner, on subsequent records, was also described as a Coal Porter/Carman. 

In 1861, Mary Ann Horner (76) Widowed, was living in the household of her son-in-law John George Gilpin (married to Elizabeth), in Suffolk Street, Poplar.

John Horner, therefore, must have died between 1851 and 1861, but I have found no record that can be confirmed to be relevant for his death.

Mary Ann Horner died at 82, in 1866 in Poplar (Volume 01C Page 839).

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Richard Tuff, Mary Pasfield and Hannah King

St Martin's church, Little Waltham, Essex
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Richard Tuff (b. 1754) married Mary Pasfield in 1783. The marriage record doesn't give the exact date, nor venue, but their residence was listed as Havering. That gives no clues as to their places of birth, nor lists parents or other useful details.

Records exist for five children to Richard and Mary:
  1. Thomas Tuff bap. 1 May 1785 in Little Waltham, Essex
  2. Benjamin Tuff bap. 27 May 1787 in Little Waltham, Essex, however, "Benjamin Tuff an infant" was buried, in Little Waltham, on 5 Jun 1787
  3. George Tuff bap. 16 Nov 1788 in Little Waltham, Essex, died aged 20 and was buried in Little Waltham on 28 Jun 1809
  4. Mary Tuff bap. 20 Feb 1791 in Little Waltham, Essex
  5. Samuel Tuff bap. 24 Aug 1794 in Little Waltham, Essex
On a page with the heading "Burials of the Poor no stamp Duty Paid for" is the record of the burial, on 26 Aug 1794, of "Mary, Wife of Richard Tuff". 

Richard Tuff remarried to Hannah King, at Little Waltham, on 26 Apr 1802. 

Richard and Hannah had one daughter, Susannah Tuff, bap. 24 Jun 1804 in Little Waltham, but the infant was buried on 2 Aug 1804 and her mother, "Hannah Tuff, wife of Richard Tuff" was buried fifteen days later, on 17 Aug 1804. 

Richard Tuff died, aged 62, and was buried in Little Waltham on 3 Jan 1816.

Thomas Tuff and Rebecca Archer

Decommissioned church, Langdon Hills
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Thomas Tuff (bap. 1 May 1785), son of Richard Tuff and Mary Pasfield, married Rebecca Archer (b. 1788, cannot find a baptism), at the now closed church of St. Mary and All Saints, Old Church Hill, Langdon Hills on 19 Oct 1814. Possibly in a previous edifice, as while there's been a church on the site since at least the 14th century, the present building probably dates from the 19th century.

Thomas will have been 29 when he married, which lends credence to the earlier records found for him serving on HMS Temeraire (1798) in 1798 and 1799. 

There are records only for two children:
  1. Robert Tuff bap. 30 Jul 1815 at Langdon Hills, Essex
  2. Harriet Tuff bap. 5 Oct 1817 at Langdon Hills, Essex
Rebecca Tuff died, aged 37, in 1825 and was buried at Langdon Hills.

In 1841, Thomas Tuffs (sic) (50) had in his household in Langdon Hills, Essex, his son-in-law, Henry Young (30), daughter, Harriet Young (23) and their daughter, Eliza (0), as well as a William Bradd (20), who may have been a lodger.

In 1851, Thomas Tuff (66), born in Little Waltham, was living with his son-in-law, daughter and their family, still in Langdon Hills.

Thomas Tuff died, in Orsett, in 1869, at the age of 84. He was buried, on 3 Sep 1869, in Langdon Hills, but on the burial record his abode is listed as "Orsett Union House", i.e. Orsett Workhouse (later Orsett HospitalRowley Road, Orsett.)

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Henry Young and Harriet Tuff

Langdon Hills
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The Anglo-Saxon word "don" means "a low hill in open countryside".

Henry Young (b. 1810) married Harriet Tuff (bap. 5 Oct 1817), daughter of Thomas Tuffs and Rebecca Archer, presumably at the now closed former church of St. Mary and All Saints, Old Church Hill, Langdon Hills, on 23 Dec 1838.

Henry and Harriet had three daughters:
  1. Eliza Young b. 1841 M Quarter in ORSETT UNION Volume 12 Page 191, bap. 14 Mar 1841 in Langdon Hills. The parents' names on this baptism are listed as George and Harriet, but I'm certain this is the correct baptism and the father's name is an error, either at the time or in transcription.
  2. Lucy Young b. 1843 S Quarter in ORSETT Volume 12 Page 181, bap. 24 Sep 1843 in Langdon Hills
  3. Lydia Young b. 1847 M Quarter in ORSETT Volume 12 Page 204, bap. 31 Jan 1847 in Langdon Hills
Mother's maiden name on Eliza is TUFF, on Lucy and Lydia's it is TUFFS.

In 1841, Henry Young (30), Harriet Young (23) and Eliza Young (0) were living in Laindon Hills, Essex, in the household of Thomas Tuffs (50), Harriet's father. Also in the household was a William Bradd (20), who may have been a lodger.

In 1851, still living in Laindon Hills, Essex, were Henry Young (41) Agricultural Labourer from Downham, Essex; Harriet Young (33) from Laindon Hills; Eliza (10), Lucy (7) and Lydia (4), as well as Thomas Tuff (66) born in Little Waltham.

In 1861, Henry Young (52) Agricultural Labourer, Harriet Young (41) and Lydia Young (14) were living in Wickford, Essex.

There is a Henry Young in Little Warley, Billericay, Essex in 1871 and a potential death of a Henry Young, aged 69, in the Chelmsford registration district, in 1879, both of which require further investigation, but would appear likely to relate. 

So far, I've not found a record of Harriet's death.

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William Gilpin and Elizabeth Hays

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney - East end
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William Gilpin
(b. 1782) and Elizabeth Hays (b. 1785) were married by licence at the parish church of Stepney, St Dunstan and All Saints, "The Mother Church of the East End", on 7 Dec 1806. (I've been unable to find their baptisms or parents.)

William and Elizabeth had eight children, all baptised at St Dunstan's:
  1. William Gilpin b. 23 Jan 1808, bap. 21 Feb 1808
  2. Mary Gilpin b. 19 Aug 1810, bap. 28 Oct 1810
  3. Robert Gilpin b. 18 Jan 1814, bap. 20 Feb 1814
  4. James Gilpin b. 15 May 1816, bap. 9 Jun 1816
  5. John George Gilpin b. 8 Mar 1818, bap. 12 Jul 1818
  6. Thomas Gilpin b. 29 Dec 1819, bap. 23 Jan 1820
  7. Henry Gilpin b. 25 Dec 1824, bap. 20 Jan 1825
  8. George Gilpin bap. 11 Jun 1826
On the baptism records William Gilpin is listed as Shipwright of Ratcliff.

In 1841, William Gilpin (55) Shipwright, is living in the Commercial Road, Stepney, with wife Elizabeth (55), John (21), Henry (16), George (15) and Anne Hughes (25), who may have been a servant [original census record may confirm].

William Gilpin died, aged 65, and was buried at St Dunstan's on 5 Dec 1847.

In 1851, Elizabeth Gilpin (65), Widow, House Proprietor, listed as born in Morpeth, Durham (Morpeth, Northumberland), was still living on the Commercial Road with four of her unmarried sons: William (43) Mill Wright; Thomas (31) Master Tailor; Henry (26) Print Cutter and George (24) Cooper Journeyman.

Elizabeth Gilpin died in 1863, in Stepney, aged 78.

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